Assalamualaikum. Hi there. Its been a tough week for me. Tough month (if i may say so). Coping with household chores, my new (and disaster) internet biz ;-) and of course, entertaining my 1 year old darling, humaira safiya. But above all that, I'm happy with my life right now, and i hope it will continue etc.. etc..

Actually, this is my second attempt in 2 days trying to make a new blog for my NEW biz.. Last night, i use wordpress but after having a little chat with my mentor, (master salwa), I decided to change to blogspot (because of seo (Search Engine Optimization- if i'm not mistaken- reason hahaha). 

It has been a very (100x) long time since I wrote something long like this. Hehehe, bring the memories of doing my (tah apa apa) thesis at ukm. Although, of course, thesis would be more demanding and time consuming, not to mention brain - wracking, hehe.

Ok, enough of writing nonsense. Back to biz, people.

This blog is created to share with readers about my (new) experience in SHAKLEE. I've never been serious in doings things as I am now (Oh, my english- never mind people hehe). I started to take notice about shaklee when something happened last year.... never mind what is it (hehe, -ayat bongkak-), but that is when i started to consume product (s) of shaklee. But i was more of being a consumer at that time.. not in my imagination that I would be this serious in this expanding biz.

It started when I try to do internet biz. promoting babies n moms products in FB page. Biz started slow (of course- I only started last month, a few days week before raya). Then, chating with my most loyal friend (who become my mentor), I started to open my eyes, heart n mind to SHAKLEE. To be exact, it happened 3 day ago haha. (gelak jahat). 

I hope shaklee will bring the better of me.. No more being a -katak bawah tempurung-huhu. Sharing is caring, so, share it is that i will do, insyaAllah, if Allah will.


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